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The Spire Orthopaedic Philosophy

3rd Jan 2022 | 0 comments

At Spire Orthopaedic Centre, we believe that everyone should be cared for and healed holistically in comfort without having to travel to different locations to seek medical and surgical help and rehabilitation support.

Hence, we stand by the following values that make up the clinic’s name “Spire”:

1. Supportive care

2. Physical health

3. Intellectual engagement

4. Relational empathy

5. Emotional support

By providing high-quality clinical, surgical, and rehabilitation care to all patients with orthopaedic health issues, we aim to inspire and restore your active working and sporting life.

On top of that, our team of surgeons, clinicians, and therapists are committed to understanding your needs as we strive to provide accurate diagnosis and treatment to keep you moving. Continue reading to learn about our all-inclusive therapy treatment and inhouse physiotherapist and pilates instructor.

All-Inclusive Therapy Treatment

A common issue for many people seeking orthopaedic care is that they always have to go from one facility to another for different types of care. However, that’s not the case at Spire Orthopaedic Centre.

With a combined facility for collaboration between physicians, physiotherapists, and surgeons, you will experience a seamless service starting from your diagnosis to the treatment and rehabilitation that are tailored just for you at our clinic.

Our doctors and therapists work alongside each other in our integrated medical facility to help every patient recover holistically. As such, we offer an integrated end-to-end solution from diagnosis of the injury to its treatment and rehabilitation. This includes injury diagnosis (MRIs, X-rays, tests), physiotherapy, rehabilitation, shockwave therapy, platelet-rich plasma injection, and medical pilates for pregnancy-related back pain and core strengthening.

In-house Physiotherapists and Pilates Instructor

Unlike other orthopaedic centres, Spire’s in-house physiotherapists and pilates instructor make it more convenient for patients to come in for their treatment. With two dedicated physiotherapists and pilates instructor, Spire truly embodies its values.

Justin Lim (Physiotherapist)

As a skilled and experienced physiotherapist who specialises in the treatment of neuromusculoskeletal conditions, Justin has honed his clinical skills across all sectors of healthcare, allowing him to attain mastery of the sophisticated human body and effectively address complex problems.

His passion for physiotherapy stemmed from his belief in the self-healing potential of the human body. As an active person who had his fair share of sports injuries, Justin understands the pain of not being able to freely enjoy certain sports activities. As a physiotherapist, he is capable of rehabilitating any sports injury using his clinical expertise.

Ivy Yeung (Physiotherapist)

As a registered physiotherapist in Singapore and Hong Kong with 18 years of experience, Ivy specialises in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions, stroke rehabilitation, and sports physiotherapy.

With experiences spanning from musculoskeletal physiotherapy to treating a broad spectrum of patients with issues in orthopaedics, neurology, paediatrics, pre- and post-natal care, and intensive care units, Ivy had developed a clinical practice guideline.

Yilin Yap (Pilates instructor)

A former dancer of 20 years, Yilin’s interest in strength and mobility of the body led her to become a Pilates instructor. With strong value and emphasis on proper technique for safe and effective practice, she is very passionate about imparting this knowledge and skills.

Her dedication to helping patients achieve their physical goals through Pilates has given her a great sense of accomplishment, allowing her to inspire more people to reap the benefits of pilates as part of their rehabilitation journey.

Holistic Approach to Patient Care

If at any point of your orthopaedic care at Spire requires you to undergo surgery as part of the treatment, you don’t have to worry because our surgeon has 20 years of experience in orthopaedic and is skilled in hip and knee reconstructions, minimally invasive trauma fixation, and sports injury management.

On top of that, we generally adopt a conservative approach in advocating any surgical procedures. Hence, surgeries are only recommended when non-surgical treatments fail to relieve your orthopaedic issue or elective options are exhausted. We will then explain the risks and benefits to you so that you can make informative decisions.

If you require orthopaedic care in Singapore, you can consult our doctors for advice. Not only that, but you will also get the care and treatment you need to return to your active lifestyle.